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This is a list of golf terms beginning with the letter W

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Golf Terms, Letter W
waggle Movement of the club head prior to swinging. A flourishing of the club behind and over the ball.
water club Obsolete club from around the 1880's to the 1930's that was designed for playing the ball from a water hazard.
water hole A hole with water, such as a stream or lake, that forces the players to shoot over it
wedge An iron used for short shots that has a high-loft - pitching wedge, sand wedge.
whiff To swing and miss the ball completely.
whins A British term for heavy rough. Gorse bushes.
whipping The material used to wrap the space where the head and shaft are joined
windcheater A shot played low against the wind. It is played with strong backspin and starts low and rises only toward the end of the shot.
whippy A shaft more flexible than normal.
winter rules Usually local golf rules that allow the player to improve the lie of the ball on the fairway
wood A club, which can be made of wood or metal, that has a large head and is used for shots requiring greater distance. Usually a numbered set of 5 or more starting with the driver and proceeding to the 5 wood.
wormburner A ball hit with adequate distance that hugs the ground.