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This is a list of golf terms beginning with the letter M

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Golf Terms, Letter M
make the cut To qualify for the final rounds of a tournament by scoring well enough in the beginning rounds
mallet A putter that has a head that is much wider and heavier than that of a blade putter.
marker A small object, like a coin, that is used to mark the spot of the ball when it is lifted off the putting green.
markers The objects placed at the teeing round that indicate the area in which players must tee their balls.
marshal A person appointed by a tournament committee to keep order and handle spectators.
mashie Lofted iron club that was introduced in the 1880's and is no longer in use. Used for pitching with backspin. Another name for the number 5 iron.
mashie-iron An iron club that had less of a loft than a mashie. Used for driving and full shots through the green. Another name for the number 4 iron.
mashie-Niblick An iron club, no longer in use, with a loft somewhere between that of a mashie and a niblick. Club was used for pitching. Another name for the number 6 iron.
matched As in a matched set of clubs. Clubs designed and made in a graded, numbered series and with consistent specifications and swing-weights.
match play A competition played with each hole being a separate contest. The team or player winning the most holes, rather than having the lowest score, is the winner. The winner of the first hole is "one up". Even if the player wins that hole by two or three strokes, he is still only "one up". The lead is increased every time the player wins another hole. The winner is the one who wins the most holes. This was the original form of golf competition.
meadowland A lush grassland course.
medalist The player with the lowest qualifying score in a tournament
medal play A competition decided by the overall number of strokes used to complete the round or rounds. Same as "stroke play".
mid-spoon An obsolete wooden club with a loft between that of the long spoon and the short spoon.
mid-iron An iron club, no longer in use, with more loft than a driving iron. Another name for a 2 or 3 iron.
mid-mashie Another name for the number 4 iron.
mis-club To use the wrong club for the shot.
mis-read To putt wrongly. To not read the green correctly.
mixed foursome A foursome with each side has a male and female player
model swing A totally professional swing.
muff To mis-hit a shot.
mulligan A second shot that is allowed to be taken in friendly play when the player has "muffed" (see above) the first one. Not allowed by the rules.
municipal course A public course owned by local government.