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This is a list of golf terms beginning with the letter L

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Golf Terms, Letter L
lag To putt the ball with the intention leaving it short to ensure being able to hole out on the next stroke
lateral hazard Any hazard running parallel to the line of play
lay up To play a shorter shot than normally might be attempted. Would be done to achieve a good lie short of a hazard rather than trying to hit the green in one less shot.
layout The manner in which the holes are placed on the golf course when designed.
leader board Sign where scores are posted during a tournament.
lie The position in which the ball rests on the ground. The lie can be good or bad in terms of the nature of ground where is rests, the slope, and the level of difficulty in playing it. The number of strokes a player is to have played during the hole.
line The correct path of a putt to the hole when putting. Also when on the fairway, the correct direction in which the ball to be played toward the putting green.
line up To study the green in order to determine how the putt should be played.
links Originally meaning a seaside course, it is now used to mean any golf course
linksman A golfer.
lip The top rim of the hole or cup
lob shot A shot that goes straight up and comes almost straight down with very little spin or forward momentum. Useful when there is not much green to play to
local rules A set of rules for a club determined by the members.
loft The elevation of the ball in the air. Also means the angle at which the club face is set from the vertical and is used to lift the ball into the air. It is measured precisely as the angle between the face and a line parallel to the shaft.
lofter An obsolete highly-lofted club that was the predecessor of the Niblick.
long game Shots hit with the woods and long irons.
long irons The relatively straight-face and longer hitting irons.
loose impediments Any natural object that is not fixed or growing. This can include loose stones, twigs, branches, molehills, dung, worms and insects
low ball and total A four-ball team bet in which the best ball of each team wins a point and the lowest total of the partners wins another point
LPGA The Ladies' Professional Golf Association.