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Golf pictures including Tiger Woods, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus and more.
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Watts - Tiger Woods Sing Vv27
Tiger Woods Swing Vv27
Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods
Watts - Tiger Woods 1997 Winning Putt
Tiger Woods 1997 Winning Putt
Watts - 1997 Tiger Woods (Masters)
1997 Tiger Woods (Masters)
Terry Wilson - Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods
Hi Peskin - One Iron (Ben Hogan)
One Iron (Ben Hogan)
Watts - Palmer  Hogan 1966
Palmer Hogan 1966
Ben Hogan
Ben Hogan
Tournament Victories-Ben Hogan
Tournament Victories-Ben Hogan
Watts - Nicklaus/Palmer Green Jacket 1964
Nicklaus/Palmer Green Jacket 1964
Scott Medlock - Classic Golfer
Classic Golfer
Watts - Jack to Win 1986
Jack Nicklaus to Win 1986
Watts - Palmer/Nicklaus 1963
Palmer/Nicklaus 1963
Scott Medlock - Challenge
Watts - Norman/Nicklaus 1997 Masters
Norman/Nicklaus 1997 Masters