Links to Other Interesting Websites

This page is full of links to other websites we own or we like a lot.

Recommended websites:

Sports: Basketball

- Land Of Basketball: everything about the NBA, its players and teams. Also something about FIBA basketball like the World Cup and the Olympic Tournament. Universo Basquet is the Spanish version.

- Michael Jordan's World: a lot of data about one of the best (if not the best) basketball players ever.

- Lakers Universe: Los Angeles Lakers history, stats, players and much more.

Sports: Soccer (Football)

- The Soccer World Cups: absolutely everything from the first World Cup to the present day with all the games, players, statistics and more. Los Mundiales de Futbol is the Spanish version.

- A World Of Soccer: all about international soccer (football), with champions, teams, players and national teams. Sobre Futbol is the Spanish version.

Sports: Tennis

- Land Of Tennis: information about the top tennis tournaments and players. Universo Tenis is the Spanish version.


- The Summaries: the first step to choose a good book. List of books with summary and some data about the author.

- Frases Elegidas: (in Spanish) a collection of quotes carefully chosen, from many topics and with sources.

Other Resources

- Buying Jerseys: where to buy sports jerseys.

- The Basketball World: basketball information.

Tom's Golf Tips, this fan page contains hundreds of golf tips.

Info Travel Online: This travel directory tells you where to get airline tickets, hotel room reservations, rental car, cruise, and more online. Very useful travel tools and top destinations information.

Other basketball related websites:, Kobe Bryant Shoes