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This is a list of golf terms beginning with the letter E

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Golf Terms, Letter E
eagle Two strokes under par for a single hole. To play a hole at 2 under par.
eclectic An individual stroke play game comprising a defined number of rounds. At the end of the series each of the competitors records his best score of the series at each hole.
eight-iron An iron club giving distance of between 115-150 yards. Also called a pitching niblick.
equipment Anything that is used by a player or is carried or worn. His ball in play is not included
explode To hit the ball from sand using a steeply lofted club with the club hitting into the sand behind the ball and spraying a large amount of sand.
explosion shot A shot that takes large quantities of sand out of a sand trap.
extra hole As with extra innings, golfers play extra hole to break a tie.