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This is a list of golf terms beginning with the letter H

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Golf Terms, Letter H
hack To chop violently at the ball. To make bad shots. To play bad golf.
hacker An unskilled golfer. Same as "duffer"
half Used in match play when score is tied on a hole. Each side credited with a half.
half Shot A shot played with a less than full swing.
halved When a match is played without a decision. A hole is "halved" when both sides play it in the same number of strokes
handicap The number of strokes a player may deduct from his actual score to adjust his scoring ability to the level of a scratch golfer. It is designed to allow golfers of different abilities to basically compete on the same level.
handicap certificate a document issued by the player's home club or golfing association that indicates his current handicap.
hanging lie A ball resting on a downhill slope
hazard A hazard is any sand trap, bunker or water on the course that may cause difficulty.
head The part of the club that makes contact with the ball. Usually made of wood, iron or some substitute material.
heel The part of the club head nearest the shaft.
hickory Wood from a native North American tree used at the beginning of the 19th century to make club shafts. Use continued until the 1920's.
hit To play a shot or stroke.
hog's back A ridge of ground or a hole having a ridge on a fairway.
hold To hit the ground and stay in place with little roll or bounce.
hole A 4 1/4" (108 mm) round receptacle in the green - at least 4" (100 mm) deep. Also refers to one of the nine or eighteen areas between the tee and the green.
hole high A ball that is even with the hole but off to one side
hole in one A hole made with one stroke. Same as "ace"
hole out To complete the play for one hole by hitting the ball into the cup
home and home match A match made up of rounds played on the home course of each participant or group.
home green The last hole green.
home pro A professional who holds a position at a golf club, teaches, and plays only in local events
honor The privilege of hitting first from the tee. Usually assigned at the first tee. After the first tee, the privilege goes to the winner of the last hole.
hook To hit the ball in a manner that causes it to curve from right to left in the case of a right-handed player or left to right for a left hander.
hosel The hollow part of an iron club head into which the shaft is fitted
hustler A golfer with greater ability who purposely maintains a higher handicap in order to win more bets.