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Golf Terms, Letter G
gallery The group of tournament spectators.
gimme : A putt that is certain to be made on the next shot and will most likely be conceded by an opponent.
golf The game. Played by playing a ball from the teeing ground into the hole by a stroke or successive strokes in accordance with the Rules of Golf.
golf glove A glove generally worn by a right-handed golfer on the left hand, and by a left-handed golfer on the right hand, to improve the grip.
gobble An obsolete slang term meaning a hard-hit putt that holes out.
goose-neck Having the neck of a club curved so that the heel is slightly offset from the line of the shaft.
gorse A shrub primarily found on linkland type courses. It is a spiny evergreen with bright yellow flowers. Same as whin.
grain : The direction in which the grass on a putting lies after it has been shortly cut
Grand Slam The four major championships: the British Open, the U.S. Open, PGA Championship and the Masters.
graphite - A lightweight material used to make shafts and clubheads.
green : The whole golf course according to golf rules. However, in popular usage, it refers to the putting surface.
green committee Members of a golf club who are responsible for the maintenance and management of the course.
green fee The charge made by the course to allow the player to use the course.
green jacket The prize awarded to the winner of the Masters Tournament.
greenkeeper The employee of the club who is responsible for the maintenance of the course.
greenside Adjacent to the putting green.
grip : The part of the shaft by which the club is held. Covered with leather or other material. Also means the manner in which you hold the club
groove Linear scoring on a clubface>
gross score : The actual number of strokes taken by a player for hole or round before the player's handicap is deducted
grounding the club Placing the clubhead behind the ball at address.
ground under repair : Any part of the course being repaired is ground under repair. A ball that lands in such an area must be removed without penalty.
gutta percha Material used in the manufacture of early golf balls. It was a hard, molded substance made from the sap of several types of Malaysian trees. These balls were in use from 1848 until the early 1900's.