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Golf Terms, Letter F
face The hitting area or surface of the club head
fade A term used to describe the slight turning of the ball from left to right (by a right-handed player) at the end of its flight. From right to left for a left-handed player.
fairway The area of the course between the tee and the green that is well-maintained allowing a good lie for the ball
fairway wood Any other wooden club other than a driver.
fan To miss the ball completely
fat shot When the club hits the ground behind the ball. This results in high or low shots with a loss of distance
featherie An old leather ball stuffed with compressed feathers. Replaced by the gutta percha after 1848. Also spelled feathery.
fescue Grass of the genus Festuca, widely used on for rough on golf courses>
field The players in a tournament
five-iron An iron club used for distances between 145-180 yards for men's clubs. Also known as a mashie.
five-wood A wooden club used for distances between 190-210 yards for men's clubs.
flag The marker attached to the flagstick.
flag competition A stroke play game in which each player has a flag. When the player has played the number of strokes equal to the par of the course plus his handicap, he places a flag in the course at that point. The winner is the player who goes farthest around the course with the alotted number of strokes.
flagstick A movable marker to show the location of the hole
flange The additional surface of the club head which protrudes at the sole
flash trap A shallow and small sand bunker
flat swing The type of swing that occurs when the club head is carried back in a flat manner - usually inside-out
flex The amount of bend or the degree of stiffness of the club shaft.
flier A ball is hit without spin and goes for a greater distance than normal
flier lie A good lie in the rough
flight In tournament play, the division of players with players of equal ability being placed in the same flight. Sixteen is usually the number of players in a flight however any number of players may be placed in a flight.
flip shot A short shot played with a high trajectory with a highly lofted iron such as an eight or nine.
flub A poorly hit shot usually caused by hitting the ground before the ball
fluffy A ball that is sitting up in grass.
follow-through The continuation of the swing after the ball has been hit.
fore A warning shouted out to warn anyone who may be in danger from the flight of the ball.
forecaddie Someone employed by the course or tournament committee to mark the position of a player's ball
form A golfer's standard of play based on past performance.
four ball A match in which the better ball of two players is played against the better ball of their opponents
four-iron An iron club used for distances of between 155-190 yards for men's clubs. Also known as a mashie iron.
four-wood A wooden club used for a distance of between 200-230 yards - for men' clubs. Also called a spoon.
foursome A term given to four players playing together. Also a match in which two players play against another two players with each side playing one ball.
free drop A drop where no penalty stroke is incurred.
fried-egg A ball half-buried in the sand.
fringe The area surrounding the putting green which is sometimes cut to a height lower than the fairway but not as short as the green itself. Same as "apron"
frog hair The short grass that borders the edge of the putting surface
front side The first nine holes of an 18 hole course.
full house A game in which a player is set a points target calculated by deducting his handicap from 36. The winner is the one who surpasses his target by the most points. Scoring is 8 points for an eagle, 4 for a birdie, two for a par and 1 for bogey.