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This is a list of golf terms beginning with the letter T

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Golf Terms, Letter T
takeaway The start of the backswing
tap in A very short putt.
tee A disposable device, normally a wooden peg, on which the ball is placed for driving. Also refers to the area from which the ball is hit on the first shot of the hole. Originally a pile of sand used to elevate the ball for driving.
tee off To play a tee shot.
tee up To begin play by placing the ball on the tee.
tee-shot A shot played from a tee.
teeing ground The area in which you must tee off your ball. Ball must be teed off within the markers and no more than two club lengths behind them.
temporary green A green used in the winter to save the permanent green.
texas wedge What the putter is called when it used from off the green. Also a shot played with a putter from outside the putting green.
thin The ball is hit thin when it is hit above center with the clubhead traveling on too high a line.
thread To direct the ball through a narrow opening
three ball Three players playing against each other with each playing their own ball.
three-iron An iron club used for distances between 165-200 yards for men's clubs. Also called a mid-mashie.
three-putt To take three putts on a green.
three-quarter shot Less than a full shot. A shot made with a reduced swing.
threesome A match in which two players play the same ball and alternate strokes and play against a single player. Also means three players playing a round together.
three-wood A wood club used for distances between 210-250 yards for men's clubs. Also known as a spoon.
tiger tee A slang expression for the back tee.
tight fairway A narrow fairway.
toe The part of the club farthest from where in joins the shaft
toed in A clubhead having a specialty prominent toe with a slightly turned-in face.
top To hit the ball above its center causing it to roll or hop rather than rise
topspin The forward rotation of the ball in motion.
touch Accuracy, especially in putting.
touch shot A very delicately hit shot.
tour A series of tournaments for professionals.
tournament A stroke or match play competition. A competition in which a number of golfers compete.
track iron An obsolete club that was used primarily to hit the ball from cart tracks. A rut-iron or a niblick.
trajectory The flight path of the ball.
triple bogey This term is used when a golfer is 3 over par on a hole.
trouble shot A shot taken from a bad lie such as behind trees or in bunkers or rough
turn To start the back 9 holes.