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This is a list of golf terms beginning with the letter D

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Golf Terms, Letter D
dance floor for the green. As in 'you're on the dance floor'.
dawn patrol Golfers who tee off early to avoid the heavy traffic.
daytona A game for 4 players divided into 2 sides. The scores of a side for each hole are combined to form a number of points; if one plyaer has a score of par or better then the lower score of the team is placed first - if the scores on a par 3 are 3 and 4 then the team score is 34. But if the best score for the hole is over par then the higher must be placed first - if scores on a par 3 are 4 and 5, the team score is 54. The side with the lower number of points for the round wins.
dead ball A ball is said to be dead when there is no doubt that it will be sank on the next shot
deep-faced Pertaining to a clubface and meaning having a club face that is relatively thick from top to bottom.
deuce A hole made in two strokes. Primarily used in the United States.
dew sweepers The first groups of golfers on the course in the morning.
dimple The round indentations on the golf ball cover which are scientifically designed to enable the ball to make a steady and true flight
divot A piece of turf removed with by the club when making a shot. It is always replaced and tamped down.
dogleg A left or right bend in the fairway
dormie When playing in match play, being five up with five to go, four up with four left, etc. To be as many holes up as there are to play. Sometimes spelled dormy.
double bogey A score of two over par for a single hole
double eagle A score of three under par for a single hole. Same as "albatross"
down Being a specific number of holes behind your opponent.
downhill lie When addressing the ball and your right foot is higher than your left (for right-handed players).
downswing The motion of swinging a club from the top of the swing to the point of impact.
DQ'd Slang for a golfer being disqualified.
drain To sink a putt.
draw The pairing of golfers for a match play tournament
draw shot A controlled "hook" used to get in position for the next shot or get out of trouble. A shot that curves from left to right. To play a shot so that it curves owing to sidespin from right to left with a right-handed player. Conversely from right to left for a left-handed player.
drive To hit the ball with maximum force and full stroke. Usually with a driver from the tee.
drive-and-pitch The type of hole on which the green can be reached with a drive and a pitch. Could also refer to a course where all holes are of this type.
driver The longest-hitting modern wooden club, used primarily from the tee when maximum distance is required. Also called the No. 1 wood.
driving iron Another name for the number one iron. Formerly one of various iron clubs used for shots through the green.
driving mashie Obsolete club with less loft than a mashie iron and used for driving and long shots through the green.
driving putter Obsolete wooden club used primarily for low shots into the wind.
driving range An area or building used for the purpose of practicing tee-shots and other strokes.
drop To deposit the ball on the course after which you put the ball back in play after it has been declared unplayable or after the ball has been lost.
dub A missed or badly-hit shot
duff To mishit a shot by hitting the ground behind the ball and then top the ball.
duffer An unskilled golfer. Also called a hacker
dunch A fat hit from a claggy lie. British origin.
dunk To hit your ball into a water hazard.