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Here you have other links, some are not golf related but are worth the visit.

Golf Sites
If you want more Golf content, here you have some links:

SportsIllustrated Golf Online

Sports Illustrated approches the subject of golf with all the originality that characterized it. Don't stay at the top of the page, scroll down to find the most interesting golf articles, stats and features.

Yahoo Sports: Golf

Yahoo has a very interesting Golf section with updated information about all major tournaments. A complete coverage including schedules, results, interviews and all the golf world highlights. It also features an updated photo gallery provided by AP Press.

Tom's Golf Tips

This fan page has a really great design and contains hundreds of golf tips. Good work Tom

Info Travel Online
This travel directory tells you where to get airline tickets, hotel room reservations, rental car, cruise, and more online. Very useful travel tools and top destination information.
Lakers Universe
A site full of information, pictures, history and more about Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal. Also features a big store. Other related sites: LakersWeb.net, NBA Posters and Kobe Bryant Shoes
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